Sunday, February 20, 2011


Hey guys!

Just letting you know I've started a new blog which I think will become more productive than this one. Going to let this one go dormant for now, here's the link to the new one!

It deals more with my life as a writer than with my writing directly, so there should be a bit more to talk about without being so vague, which I'm sure would be frustrating. I've already made a sizeable post about bouldering (don't know what that is? Read it to find out!) which I'm sure will prove moderately enjoyable, so skip on over and check it out!

God bless, and thanks for reading!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

An Unexpected Hiatus...

Hey guys!!!

It's been a while... work got crazy and I lost track of time, and unfortunately writing. But never fear! I have recently been working a number of juicy ideas to incorporate into my epic, and it's all progressing smoothly. 'Force of Hell' has been slow going since work started back for me, but I'm confident it should be done within 2011. I have been writing some poetry, some of which I may post at some stage later, especially when I get home (back on the road at the moment).

Looking forward to being a bit more... regular!

Monday, October 25, 2010


Well, as the post title suggests, I have been researching. In light of what I'm writing, I'm sure what I'm researching will come as no great surprise: Hell. Results have been interesting as I'm gaining a view of the entire idea of Hell in different cultures and worldview. Of course it will primarily be based upon my own views, but I wanted to look at everything. A very interesting journey indeed!

I am also going to begin reading a book I picked up entitled "Four Views on Hell". In this book the concept of hell and the different ideas surrounding it are discussed by a series of critics and authorities on the subject. There are four 'types' of hell: literal, metaphorical, purgatorial and conditional. I'm going to be interested in looking at them further. I also am contemplating reading Dante's 'Inferno' for a more archaic and traditional view of hell, but we shall see.

Meanwhile, here's something I stumbled upon when researching Hell on the internet, it made me chuckle.

That's all this time around folks!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Gettin' a Touch Soppy...

Well, many times I have made the insinuation that I also write poetry, but if I recall correctly, I have never actually posted any. That has largely been due to the fact that for me it's emotionally private, so I don't actually show people. But, for once, I have something I am willing to share. So, without any more fanfare, here it is:

Love is like a rose.
With too eager a grasp,
With fervor that cannot last,
You shall be wounded.
But, if you beware,
And handle with care,
You shall be astounded.

I'll leave you all to either agree or disagree, but for me it rings true. This poem actually runs in tandem with a previous poem I wrote, although that one was far more cynical and frustrated. It also used the rose/love analogy, but this one I feel has been tempered by time and thought, and speaks more truly of how I think and feel. This actually came into existence this very evening in my local church service, which proved to be a revelatory night on many different levels. That's what I love about poetry, it's a short, succinct, and yet powerful way of conveying a snapshot of emotion and the way one thinks of the world.

On the note, adieu.